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Personal sites:

1. Contact phones: 89263631140

2. Full name:  Sukhomlinov Dmitry Aleksandrovich

3. Year of birth:  17.03.1980

4. Height/weight/dimensions:  185,85,48-50

5. Hair color and length (currently):  Not long, light blond

6. Education:  GITIS

7. Detailed work experience / links to videos: below in the letter

8. Citizenship / City of current residence: RF

2011  Dubbed Leonardo Di Caprio  in the film "The Great Gatsby"

 (extreme, fast car driving  


White Bay Power Station, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia  )

 Detailed experience/video links:










Movie actor, starred in the following films:

2020 TV series "Healer" series "The habit of marrying" the main role Pavel 

2020 T / s "Next" series (Dead weight) Role Kirill

2020 Т/с "Fortuneteller" series (Astral leech) role Sasha

​2019 T / s "Tourist Police"

2019 T / s "Trace" (Secret life of a teacher 2262 series)

2018 Film "Pilgrim"  Role Bandit

2017 Feature film "Myths" role Dmitry (show man)

2017 Advertising video "Global" shopping center

2015 Promotional video for the Bogorodsk Hotel (Sochi)

2016 "Coral Club" MLM commercial

2015 Subaru commercial

2015 "Compie" commercial

2015 "Samsung" commercial only hands

2015 Promotional video "Megaphone" role cook video "Chef"

2015 T / s "Detectives" series "Everything is simple" role Leonid

2016 T/s "Fortuneteller" 

2016 TV series "Prosecutor's check"

2016 TV series "Next"

2016 TV series "Detectives"

2016 Film "Guilty without guilt"

2015 TV series "Keepers of time" gold series

2014 film "War of the Sexes" premiere February 2015

2013       Реклама "Sloboda"

2014 TV series "Two fathers, two sons" rich gay)) Episode 28

2014 t / s "Reflection" drug courier 25 series

2014 t / s "Prosecutor's check" Nikita (surgeon maniac)

2014 t/s "Detectives" Albert

2014 t/s "Gyulchitay-2" Customs officer Sergey

2014 t / s "For family reasons" ENT doctor

2013 t / s "Secrets of psychics" otherworldly protection

2013 t / s "For family reasons" ENT doctor

2013 t / s "Rosehip Aroma" the role of Maxim (Alina's cameraman)

2013 t / s "Wasp" 21 series role Valentine

2013 TV series "Yasmin" ORT episode "Russian Tourist"

2013 Film "Orlova and Aleksandrov" Role Tisse Eduard

2013 t / s "Next" (main role) Eugene (series "The Friend Who Wasn't")

2013 t / s "Kitchen" (episode) unexpected guest

2013 t / s "Prosecutor's check" (episode)

2013 t / s "Do not lie to me" (main role)

2012 t / c "Lawyer" (episode) role: Heinrich

2012 t / c "Fortunetellers" (main) role: Nikolai

2012 t / c "Next" series "Collision" (main role) role: Valera

2012 t / c "Next" series "Innocent" (main role) role: Husband

2012 t / c "Next" series "Shards" (main role) role: Trofimov

2012 TV series "Pyatnitsky" (episode) role: Investigator

2012 t / c "Prosecutor's check" series "Piranhas" (second plan) role: Dad

2011 t / c "Before the trial" (episode) role: Sergey

2011 t / c "Next" series "Difficult decision" (main role) role: Artem

2011 t / c "Moore" (episode) role: Driver

2011 t / c "Before the court case" (episode) role: Neighbor

2010 t / c "Happy Together" (episode) role: playful waiter Anton

2010 t / c "Cherkizon" (episode) role: opera

2010 t / c "Bombila" (episode) role: Alexander

2010 t / c "Wedding Ring" (episode) role: Roma

2010 film / c "Capercaillie-2" (episode) role: Vitya

2009 film "Victory wind, clear day" (second plan) role: Stas

2009 t / c "Sword" (episode) role: Krasnoyarsk bandit of the 90s.

2009 t / c "I'm going to look for you" (episode) role: security guard in the hospital

2008 t / c "A Woman Without a Past" (episode) role: Yorgas security guard


Video links:

Clip "Warm rain"


Clip "In a dream"


Graduate work

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